Resume & Interview Workshop for SAS

Course Outline

1st class

Overview of what employer looking for in a data analyst

Data related interview Qs

  • EDW database structure
  • Data quality control
  • Big data
  • How to explore big data
  • What is meta data
  • How to learn the EDW data in your first working week

Working environment

  • PC SAS vs. SAS EG
  • How to connect to data servers using above software
  • How to use other software such as Excel
  • Avoid to become a dinosaur data analyst
  • Team work as a data analyst
  • Knowledge sharing

2nd Class

SAS Programming

  • Programming efficiency under big data environment
  • How to do right sampling when you have to do program syntax check and logic check
  • QA process
  • Efficiency and reusable

Problem solving

  • How to identify a reasonable challenge
  • How to describe the solution and the achievement

Analytical skill

  • Situation analysis
  • How can you emphasize on your analytical skills using your past experience

3rd Class

Presentation and communication skill

  • How to design the report that is easily understood by business partner
  • How to communicate with your clients on the result using non-technical language

Interview preparation 101