Jerry英语潜能班Part 1

36 Hrs / 9 Weeks


Jerry英语潜能班Part 2

28 Hrs / 7 Weeks









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What makes English Dynamo learning system different?


Jerry’s result-oriented English communication training program will offer students the most effective one-to-one pronunciation correction. By changing any imperfect way of pronunciation, students’ listening skills will be improved dramatically. By correcting pronunciation, students will also quickly find the feeling in speaking English fluently like a local Canadian.


The program will help students practice the most authentic North American dialogues. Students’ conversational skills will be greatly improved by practicing to think in English directly and eliminate the complicated translation process from students’ native language to English.


The program will provide students full insight into the North American culture. Through an exploration of North America’s culture, custom, and life style, it will not only polish students’ communication skills but also help students bridge the gap between language and culture.


The program will also offer students the most effective personal motivation through success stories. It will boost students’ confidence and passion, and keep students motivated in English learning.


The English communication training program was designed based on a good understanding of what’s the most useful and most difficult for students whose first language is not English. The program will guarantee the best result in improving students’ listening, oral and conversational skills in English throughout the training.


Types of training


  1. Pronunciation correction


This session takes approximately 45-50 minutes of class time. The students will be given general pronunciation instructions followed by an individual pronunciation correction session. Both general and individual pronunciation points as well as a personal guide line of practice will be given to each student before the end of the session. The individual correction will give the students an opportunity to have their pronunciation completely corrected in a very short time. On the other hand, it allows the teacher to identify the challenges the students have, and to create personal pronunciation points and individual practice guide lines. By having the after class exercise tailored, our students could go ahead and deal with their individual challenges. This method has been proven very effective on the improvement of students’ pronunciation, furthermore, their English communication skills. Reinforced by after class exercises, the pronunciation session contributes a great deal to creating a feel for the English language for the students. This is the initial step to introduce the power of “think in English” to our students.


  1. Dialog


This session takes approximately 45-50 minutes of class time. During this period, a dialog will be introduced to the students. Each dialog includes 20-30 language points. The teacher will go over and explain the language points. This session brings day to day English to the students. By mastering the language points in the dialogs, the students will gain valuable communication experience and will enhance their confidence when communicating on a daily basis. The dialog session has to be backed up by after class exercises in order to maximize the effect. Once the students start to develop a feel for the “feeling of the English language”, they will realize that this will not only help them with their communication skills, but will better their written marks (TOEFL for example) on a great level.


  1. Culture and inspiration


This session takes approximately 20-30 minutes of class time. It will not be taught in one sitting. Most of the cultural material will be included in the dialog, but each class still has a specific topic such as; how to make a good first impression in the western society and how to order food in a restaurant etc. The students will be encouraged by not only inspirational concepts but also interesting stories throughout the classes. This latter part of the program should not be considered the least important. For the students to get to know the western culture instead of being intimidated, and to be inspired to work hard toward being a part of the Canadian society, it is just as essential as part 1 and 2 of the training system. 


Types of classes

Main Class (A Class): This class will be scheduled once a week, delivering the knowledge portion of the lesson. A typical A Class will include one pronunciation correction session, one dialog, and one cultural topic.

Supporting Class (B Class): This class will be scheduled after the main class every week. As an important addition of the A Class, the B class will focus more on the practical training and interactive in-class exercises. A typical B Class includes a pronunciation correction session. There’s no new dialog given to the class, instead, the teacher will use the time to have the students practice the previous dialog taught in the A Class of the same week.         


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