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授 课 老 师:Jay Liu

维多利亚数据学院 – 刘杰院长:计算机软件专业毕业,MCITP-DBA 2005/2008,拥有多年大型信息系统设计开发经验。曾经在中国主持设计开发超过1000个用户的大型政府部门办公自动化系统,AT&T全美联机系统的Senior Consultant,加拿大著名金融公司、银行及政府部门的Senior SQL Server DBA Consultant。擅长大型系统的设计,复杂数据结构的应用,企业级数据库系统的维护和开发。对于数据库系统理论及应用有精辟及独到的见解,所教授的SQL Server DBA及Access VBA 课程一直受到众多学员的好评。

Course outline

Class 1. Power BI Overview (2.5 hrs)

  •  What is Power BI
  •  Power BI Infrastructure
  •  How Power BI Works
  •  Power BI Components
  •  Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View
  •  Course Environment Setup
  •  Download and Install Power BI Desktop
  •  Build the First Report in a Few Steps

Class 2. Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop (3 hrs)

  •  Power BI Data Sources
  •  What is a Table in Power BI
  •  Using Excel as Dataset
  •  Working with Access
  •  Talking to Database – MS SQL Server
  •  Relationship
  •  Data Model
  •  Big Data, R and Python in Power BI

Class 3. Creating Reports in Power BI Desktop (3 hrs)

  •  Data Connection
  •  DirectQuery and Import
  •  Calculation in Power BI
  •  Creating Reports
  •  Shaping and Customizing
  •  Filtering Data in Reports

Class 4. More Works in Power BI Desktop – M Language, DAX, and SQL (3 hrs)

  •  Design the Flow – the M Language
  •  More Details of Data Analysis in Power BI – The DAX
  •  Sending Requests to Database – SQL Queries
  •  Executing more – Running Procedures in MS SQL Server
  •  Fetching Data from SSAS
  •  Integrating Power BI Reports with SQL Server BI with ETL/SSIS

Class 5. Balancing Performance – Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service (3 hrs)

  •  Determining Data Processing Modes
  •  Performance Consideration
  •  On Premise or On Cloud
  •  Preparing for Sharing your Power BI Reports
  •  Power BI on Cloud – powerbi.microsoft.com
  •  Viewing Reports on the Web

Class 6. Sharing Power BI to the World (3 hrs)

  •  Sending Power BI Reports to Cloud
  •  Building and Sharing Dashboards
  •  Packing your Power BI Applications
  •  Maintaining Power BI Reports – Scheduling Data Refresh
  •  Administering Power BI Reports – Reporting Usage Metrics
  •  Who can do What – Authentications and Permissions

Class 7. Managing Data Security (2.5 hrs)

  •  Subscriptions – In-house Repository, Personal, On Premise, On Cloud
  •  Bridging to you Data Sources – What is Power BI Gateway
  •  Types of Gateway – In-house Repository, Personal, On Premise, On Cloud
  •  Downloading, Installing and Configuring Data Gateway
  •  Creating Roles and Applying Role-Based Security
  •  Licensing and Governance
  •  Row-Level Data Security Control
  •  Wrapping the Work up


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