【Excel & VBA 实战班】



课 程 特 色

刘杰老师的Excel & VBA课程讲的深入浅出,适合所有层面、所有背景、所有目标的朋友深入学习数据知识及掌握数据本质

授 课 老 师 :jay liu

维多利亚数据学院 – 刘杰院长:计算机软件专业毕业,MCITP-DBA 2005/2008,拥有多年大型信息系统设计开发经验。曾经在中国主持设计开发超过1000个用户的大型政府部门办公自动化系统,AT&T全美联机系统的Senior Consultant,加拿大著名金融公司、银行及政府部门的Senior SQL Server DBA Consultant。擅长大型系统的设计,复杂数据结构的应用,企业级数据库系统的维护和开发。对于数据库系统理论及应用有精辟及独到的见解,所教授的SQL Server DBA及Access VBA 课程一直受到众多学员的好评。


Part I. Basic Excel – Calculating data in Excel

1.1. Excel basics
– Excel overview
– Basic operations
– Keyboard shortcuts
– References (relative, absolute, mixed, cross-sheet)
– Using Excel functions
– Excel data types and conversions
– Handling different data types
1.2. Excel functions and formulas
– Creating formulas with Excel functions
– Conditional formulas
– Nesting functions
– Aggregation functions
– Using lookup to cross-reference data


Part II. Advanced Excel – Processing data in Excel
2.1. Statistics
– Data type and functions
– Managing text with functions
– Sorting and formatting
– Index, search and match
– Aggregating and pivoting data
– Presenting graphical data (pie, line and bar)
2.2. Processing data
– Enhancing the work
– Invoking Macros
– Adding controls in Excel
– Processing large amount of data with million rows
– Dealing multiple Excel and other data sources
– Thinking of enhancement


Part III. Power Excel – Making magic in Excel
3.1. Introduction of VBA
– Handling dynamic and various scenarios
– Managing external data
3.2. The magic of VBA
– Using Access database
– Invoking queries
– Excel in and out
– Finalization


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